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Changes in Sleep Habits Among the Elderly

Changes in Sleep Habits Among the Elderly

Our sleep patterns change as we age. This means that seniors spend less time in deep sleep compared to younger individuals. This makes their bodies feel like they did not get enough of it. They also tend to wake up a couple of times in the night, which doesn’t make mornings any better.

Anxiety, as well as chronic pain, can also be factors of sleep problems among the elderly. But don’t worry, you can ease these problems by choosing to invest in Home Care in Augusta, Georgia.

Getting help with elderly care in Augusta, Georgia can really lighten the load on your shoulders as our caregivers specialize in caring for seniors. Here, you can be sure that your seniors get the right amount of care, nutrition, and even sleep that they need to remain healthy.

With Senior care in Georgia, your elderly will benefit from a lower risk of sleep deprivation-related diseases as our caregivers will help in making sure that intervention will be given should getting sleep become an issue.

Sleep Tips for the Elderly

Your friends at Zena Home Care are here to provide you with some sleep-improving tips that your elderly can benefit from. Check these out:

  • Get the right amount of sun exposure.

    This helps their circadian rhythm or “Body Clock” keep track of the hours when they should be awake and when it’s time to sleep.

  • Track their naps.

    Make sure they’re getting the right amount of rest during the day and avoid “over napping”. Your elderly can greatly benefit from investing in home health in Georgia. Their caregivers will be able to help keep track of their naps and help regulate the amount of time they spend on it.

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