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Concerned About Your Seniors’ Sleeping Habits?

Concerned About Your Seniors’ Sleeping Habits?

For a good number of individuals, it is a common belief that geriatrics require less sleep as they get older. But as various researches have already revealed, the elderly, just like their younger counterparts, need just as much amount and quality of sleep. Not only does a good night’s rest contribute to their body’s ability to stay physically healthy; it is particularly critical in improving their concentration and memory formation skills, as well as in refreshing their immune system. In turn, this helps them avoid the onset of diseases and other health risks that might negatively impact the quality of their home health in Georgia.

In spite of this, certain things can stand in the way of seniors getting proper sleep. For instance, those who have hired senior care in Georgia may have trouble staying asleep due to sleep architecture changes that one will normally experience as they age. Another reason might be the emotional and physical changes that occur during their golden years.

Fortunately, there are many steps that seniors can take in order to avoid disrupted sleep. Zena Home Care staff has provided a step-by-step list:

  • Understand more about how sleep changes as you grow older
    Aging will make your body produce lower levels of growth hormones. Because of this, you will likely experience more fragmented sleep.
  • Identify underlying problems
    In many cases, sleep difficulties oftentimes result from underlying but treatable factors (e.g., overwhelming stress, depression, chronic anxiety, or a recent traumatic experience). By identifying them, you can immediately tailor your treatment or the type of home care in Augusta, Georgia that you desire, accordingly.
  • Improve your sleeping habits
    Improving your ability to fall asleep may mean altering your sleep environment, addressing emotional issues, or choosing much-healthier daytime routines. Everyone is different, though, so you might need to experiment first before finding the specific changes that work to your advantage.

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