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Caregiving in Augusta, GA

Traveling with Your Elderly Parents?

Are you set to travel with your elderly parents? There’s no need to worry. There are several ways you can make the trip a successful one! Here are some tried-and-true suggestions on how you can make sure that the memories you create during the trip are ones you will remember fondly from your provider of … Continue reading

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Tips on Convincing Elderly Relatives to Stop Driving

A lot of people spend the greater part of their lives behind the wheel as they run errands for their beloved family members or simply relieve stress by traveling long distances. Given this, it can be a challenge to try to convince your loved ones who are receiving senior care in Georgia that it’s time … Continue reading

Questions to Ask When Looking for the Right Home Care

Regardless of how capable and independent a person used to be, there will come a time when they may need some extra assistance in terms of personal care as daily living activities may pose a burden as one grows older. Hence, hiring a dedicated caregiver is crucial in order to help your senior loved ones … Continue reading

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Fall Prevention Tips for the Elderly

In a 2017 report, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention declared that falls are actually the top causes of injuries in geriatric individuals, as these can result in the simple cuts, to the more complicated and fatal head injuries. Given the impact that falls can have on their senior care in Georgia, you’d probably … Continue reading

Concerned About Your Seniors’ Sleeping Habits?

For a good number of individuals, it is a common belief that geriatrics require less sleep as they get older. But as various researches have already revealed, the elderly, just like their younger counterparts, need just as much amount and quality of sleep. Not only does a good night’s rest contribute to their body’s ability … Continue reading

Healthy Eating Habits for Older Adults

Nutrition can be a challenge for the elderly since individuals’ nutritional needs vary as they get older. Hence, it is recommended for your loved ones receiving senior care in Georgia, to eat a variety of foods from all food groups to help supply them with the nutrients that their bodies need. If your loved ones … Continue reading