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Caregiving in Augusta, GA

Keeping Your Children Safe This Allergy Season

Did you know that at least one in every ten children suffers from allergies in the United States? And with spring and warm weather on their way, we at Zena Home Care understand that it can be a struggle to keep the sneezing and congestion symptoms under control. But while there is yet no cure … Continue reading

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Why Should You Consider Newborn Care?

At Zena Home Care, we understand that it can be very much a struggle nowadays for parents of single or multiple babies to give the best personal care to their newborns. Aside from the challenges that parenthood itself poses, the complexities of today’s world have made it necessary for both mother and father to go … Continue reading

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Why Home Care Is a More Practical Choice

While many seniors prefer to live out their golden years on their own, today’s seniors actually have different options to choose from in line with the kind of lives they want to live and the type of care their condition requires. It doesn’t matter if your relative wants to downsize or if they are battling … Continue reading

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Signs That Your Aging Parents Need Home Care Assistance

Sometimes, it may feel like age snuck up on all of us. Your aging parents may have seemed fine the last time you and the rest of the family visited them. But now that you’re finally able to spend time with them again, you may be surprised to find out that things in their home … Continue reading

Protect Your Children Against Influenza

If you didn’t know it yet, then let us at Zena Home Care tell you that children below the age of two are at high risk of contracting serious complications from the influenza (flu) virus. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) has estimated that around 7,000 to 26,000 children below the age of … Continue reading

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Tips for Managing Incontinence in the Winter

The arrival of the winter months can pose complications to the daily routines of older adults with incontinence problems. However, if your loved ones are one of them, they need not worry. The changing season should not stop them from enjoying any upcoming holiday activities this winter. Actually, your aging family members and relatives can … Continue reading

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