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Home Health vs. Home Care vs. Hospice Care

Home Health vs. Home Care vs. Hospice Care

According to the National Association for Home Care and Hospice, about twelve million people in the American population require some form of home care. In spite of this, not many people are aware of the different healthcare resources available to them or their ailing loved ones. So, to help you and your family members achieve top-rate home health in Georgia, we are sharing with you a few general points of comparison between home health care, home care, and hospice care.

The three forms of care mentioned above are actually distinct types of care provided in individuals’ homes. The key difference lies in the care focus. For instance, home care in Augusta, Georgia is usually provided by home health aides trained to offer some friendly companionship to older adults or to assist them with their activities of daily living. On the other hand, home health care, being clinical and skilled medical care, is oftentimes prescribed as part of a care plan required by a person who just got hospitalized. This type of service is provided to help individuals get better from an injury or illness, regain their independence, and become self-sufficient. Meanwhile, hospice care refers to a set of specialty care services focusing more on giving comfort and dignity for individuals who are terminally ill, as well as providing support to their family.

Choosing the right form of home care for you or your loved ones will normally depend on a person’s situation and care needs. For example, in-home senior care in Georgia might be appropriate for older adults who live alone, are at risk of social isolation, and need assistance with their daily living routines. And while home health care may be necessary for clients who need to be rehabilitated or who are experiencing a decline in functioning, families of individuals with a limited life expectancy may find hospice care more appropriate.

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