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How Can You Keep Your Elderly Loved Ones Safe This Winter Season?


The winter months can pose a challenge to anyone, but they especially make it a struggle for seniors. Cold temperatures and ice, not to mention the slippery sidewalks, can cause a variety of injuries. To help keep your aging loved ones safe, we recommend exploring senior care options in Georgia that can provide your loved ones with the type of regular assistance that they need.

Check out these winter-specific tips from Zena Home Care:

  1. Always ensure that your loved one dresses in multiple layers to prevent frostbite and hypothermia. It is necessary that your loved ones’ body temperatures never dip below 95° F. Otherwise, you will need to call for immediate medical assistance.
  2. Cold temperatures and wet weather may lead to icy roads, which will increase the chances of your loved ones slipping and falling. So it is best that they stay indoors until the streets are clear. If they really must be outside for the day, you can advise them to wear shoes with non-skid soles and good traction. Zena Home Care provides reliable caregivers who can assist with your loved one’s safety needs and help them run necessary errands.
  3. Several studies have already discovered that the cold months tend to induce feelings of isolation and loneliness. This can lead to depression in your family member. To avoid this, we advise that you check in on them as often as possible. A daily phone call can already go a long way to help them feel remembered and cherished.
  4. Make sure that your loved ones have easy access to battery-powered radios and flashlights in cases of any power outages. Having a pile of warm blankets and stocks of non-perishable foods in advance will also help.

As your local provider of quality home care in Augusta, Georgia, we at Zena Home Care are here to provide your loved one with the adequate assistance needed to keep them safe in their home and throughout the community. We appreciate the opportunity to serve you. Call 706-426-5967 for more information on home care services.

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