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How to Help Seniors Develop Good Sleeping Habits

How to Help Seniors Develop Good Sleeping Habits

Seniors need adequate sleep to help them cope with their health conditions. But if you’ve noticed them having trouble sleeping, be sure to address this need immediately. To help you get started, consider these tips:

  • Avoid late afternoon naps.
    Yes, it’s good for them to take midday naps. But help them avoid taking naps too late in the afternoon. This will only energize them and keep them awake until midnight, which is not good.
  • Take advantage of therapy and skilled nursing services for them.
    Therapy helps seniors relax their body and stimulate sleep naturally. And with skilled nursing services, your loved ones will enjoy vital signs monitoring and medication management services that will help them adjust their lifestyles to improve their sleeping patterns. Visit or call a reliable provider of home care in Augusta, Georgia to inquire more about these services.
  • Avoid caffeinated or carbonated drinks.
    If they really need or love coffee, be sure to let them take their hot brew in the morning. Don’t serve them carbonated drinks because this will increase their insulin levels and give them a sugar rush. Besides, these drinks will cause frequent urination, which can disrupt their sleeping patterns.
  • Make sure that their room is clean, tidy, and suitable for sleeping.
    Discourage them from watching TV or using phones and tablets during the night. These gadgets emit blue light that restrains the production of melatonin, the hormone that controls the circadian rhythm. You can also hire a light housekeeping professional from a company that offers housekeeping and senior care in Georgia to help you clean up their room regularly.

Sleep plays a huge part in a person’s overall health, especially for seniors. But don’t worry if you’re busy at work! You can easily hire an expert in home health in Georgia from Zena Home Care, one of the leading providers of senior care services in Georgia.

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