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Keeping Your Children Safe This Allergy Season

Keeping Your Children Safe This Allergy Season

Did you know that at least one in every ten children suffers from allergies in the United States? And with spring and warm weather on their way, we at Zena Home Care understand that it can be a struggle to keep the sneezing and congestion symptoms under control. But while there is yet no cure for allergies, you can still take measures to see to it that your kids have a sunny, symptom-free spring. Find out how by reading below.

First, you need to make it a point that allergens are kept out of your home in order to ensure that there won’t be any need for them to receive home care in Augusta, Georgia. Keep allergens out by vacuuming once or twice every week, replacing carpets with hardwood floors, vinyl, or smaller, washable rugs, and cleaning bathroom tiles and shower curtains to remove molds. You can also keep windows closed and use only air conditioners with high-efficiency filters to keep indoor air clean. Make use of damp cloth when dusting as well, and wash stuffed toys and sheets in hot water once per week since they can trap potential allergens.

In addition, we recommend that you watch the pollen count in your local area to ensure quality home health in Georgia. If pollen counts are high, make plans for indoor activities instead so as to reduce your children’s exposure to allergy triggers. Plants also usually release the highest number of pollens during the early hours of the day, so you might want to plan outdoor activities in the afternoon.

We also suggest that you make it a point to always have antihistamines or other allergy prescriptions on hand. Antihistamines can relieve your children’s intermittent symptoms and may be purchased over-the-counter in pill or liquid form. Talk to your kids’ pediatricians if their medications aren’t working.

These suggestions work just as well for older adults, too. Zena Home Care is a trusted home care provider in Georgia. Some services we offer include pediatric home care, newborn care and respite care in Augusta, Georgia. Allow us to serve you or your loved one. Call us today at 706-426-5967 to speak to a dedicated specialist.

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