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Signs That Your Aging Parents Need Home Care Assistance

Signs That Your Aging Parents Need Home Care Assistance

Sometimes, it may feel like age snuck up on all of us. Your aging parents may have seemed fine the last time you and the rest of the family visited them. But now that you’re finally able to spend time with them again, you may be surprised to find out that things in their home aren’t quite as you remembered them to be. A decline in a senior loved one’s mental and physical health often takes family members by surprise, so it’s critical to know the signs that your aging family members need to seek home care in Augusta, Georgia.

Aging parents usually deny that they are facing problems as they go about their daily routines because they believe that they would end up losing their independence and dignity if they do admit wanting to seek senior care. Because of this, the burden oftentimes falls on the family members to recognize the signs. Let us at Zena Home Care, a trusted provider of home care, provide you with some guidance to enable you to obtain the help they need.

Warning signs commonly include finding spoiled food, mail piling up, and tons of newspapers still in the plastic wrap. Or, perhaps, the exterior of your elderly relatives’ house has peeling paint or is in a dilapidated condition. Maybe the house smells, or isn’t as clean as it used to be.

Most often, you can usually tell if something is off, but there are other signs as well that you must be cognizant of. For instance, late payment notices, calls from collection companies, broken appliances, a disorganized house, and disheveled clothing can tell you everything you need to know. If these are accompanied with changes in your loved ones’ behavior, such as mood swings, confusion and uncertainty in performing once-familiar tasks, periods of low energy, forgetfulness, poor diet, weight loss, and poor personal hygiene, among others, then it may be time to find the right home care options in Georgia that would help them achieve safe, quality home health.

Zena Home Care is a trusted home care provider of disabled adult care and senior care in Georgia. Allow us to serve you or your loved one. If you know of anyone needing home care assistance, please call us at 706-426-5967 to speak to a dedicated specialist.

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