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Tips for Managing Incontinence in the Winter


The arrival of the winter months can pose complications to the daily routines of older adults with incontinence problems. However, if your loved ones are one of them, they need not worry. The changing season should not stop them from enjoying any upcoming holiday activities this winter.

Actually, your aging family members and relatives can still take control of their urinary incontinence issues with just a bit of planning. We at Zena Home Care have come up with a few tips to help them manage elderly incontinence:

  1. Advise your loved ones to keep warm. 
    Various studies have shown that the chilly weather in the wintertime can lead to bladder leakage complications. This is because the muscles tense up when they get cold, thus, making them more difficult to control. For this reason, we recommend that you encourage your senior loved ones to stay bundled up in this cold weather. Doing so can help relax their bladder muscles when they get the urge to use the bathroom.
  2. Offer them coffee alternatives. 
    Many seniors immediately reach out for a cup of warm coffee when trying to keep warm. As a home care agency providing quality home care in Augusta, Georgia, we advise that you discourage this common practice. Research has indicated that caffeine actually adds additional stress to the bladder. Why not try offering your loved ones a cup of warm tea or other coffee alternatives instead?
  3. Encourage them to have fun. 
    Stress can aggravate incontinence issues. Therefore, it is important that your aging family members are able to relax and take some time off for themselves this holiday season. As a reputable provider of excellent senior care in Georgia, Zena Home Care can provide excellent caregivers to help lighten the burden and offer meal preparation, light housekeeping, and run errands to name a few. Call 706-426-5967 for more information on how we can help you or a loved one with home care services.
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