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Tips on Convincing Elderly Relatives to Stop Driving

Tips on Convincing Elderly Relatives to Stop Driving

A lot of people spend the greater part of their lives behind the wheel as they run errands for their beloved family members or simply relieve stress by traveling long distances. Given this, it can be a challenge to try to convince your loved ones who are receiving senior care in Georgia that it’s time to give up driving. Walking into a conversation about the possibility of them surrendering their drivers’ license may, more often than not, lead to them getting defensive instead.

So, to make the conversation a more successful one, we recommend the following:

  • Discreetly make a list of observations regarding their driving ability
    Key warning signs that it is already unsafe for them to be on the road include impaired hearing, decreased vision, slower reflexes, slower reaction time, and decreased multi-tasking ability, among others. Writing these down can help you remember in the heat of the moment the reasons why you are concerned about their safety and home health in Georgia.
  • Come up with alternative transport options
    Driving is a major symbol of independence, so your loved ones may equate giving up the car keys to their loss of freedom. This is particularly true if you’ve hired home care in Augusta, Georgia. However, by jotting down realistic transportation options, you can assure them that they would still be able to tend to their normal activities. In fact, there are even home care agencies like Zena Home Care that can provide your relatives with non-medical transportation.
  • Give them time to cope with and accept the changes
    Stopping driving can mean a big adjustment, so it would help to give them space and time to work through what they feel.

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